Panini Brothers Bakery

Panini Brothers opened 10 years ago. Many would say that we are a neighborhood legend. We are family operated. We passionately believe in local products and go out of our way to source wonderful products and ingredients locally Panini Brothers bake all our own bread and pastries in a traditional Italian style taught to us by our parents and grandparents.

Salami mushroom and olive pizza special from panini brothers

Home-style Pizza

We start with our special dough recipe, and knead and stretch each pizza by hand. Then we add local toppings before baking in authentic stone based ovens to bring out a beautiful slim or thick crisp crust.

Gourmet Panini

The Panini is closest to a bread roll with filling but is also translated as a “sandwich”. The most important thing is that this sandwich is made from bread other than sliced bread. We might use ciabatta, baguette, or our own wonderful Panini Rolls. Of course we have great fillings for you – salami, ham, cheese. Perhaps you would like your panini toasted or warmed. Visit us at the – Number 4, Jan St, Newton Call: 8336 4416  

We’re open every day (Sundays Too!)


Fresh Cut Lunches

In Italy, “panino” is the word for a sandwich made with a bread roll – usually ciabatta roll or a rosetta. The roll or loaf is cut horizontally and filled with salami, ham, cheese, mortadella, or other food.

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Pies and Pasties

We’ve brought an Italian touch to the Australian favorites – baked to perfection, fresh and hand made right here at Panini Brothers.

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Panini Brothers Breads

Made in the traditional way, our breads are hand moulded and allowed to rest and develop the flavour which is the hallmark of quality bread.

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Cakes, Tortes & Pasties

Il dolce – the sweet way to end a meal. Call it dolci, sweets or dessert includes everything from small pastries to to elaborate cakes and pies (torte). Panini brothers has a wonderful selection of the traditional and local favorites too.

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The magic of pizza is simple. We can all love it, and the variety is endless.

Thick or thin and with whatever topping you choose, a quality pizza is all about the hand stretched dough. Our dough is our secret, you’ll love it.

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Shop 2, 4 Jan St
SA 5074
(next to Tony & Marks Fruit and Veg, between Newton Road and Gorge Road

Telephone Orders

Ph: 8336 4416

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